Alpha Omega Grill and Pizzeria - University City - Charlotte, NC


Alpha Omega Grill & Pizzeria is a locally owned family and operated by family members.  North Carolina residents since 1995, Mom, Dad and their two adult sons are active in all aspects of the business.

Borrowing from their rich Mediterranean heritage, tasty dishes, created with time-tested family recipes, are served fresh in a warm family friendly environment.

With decades of professional experience in the restaurant industry, the family continuously works to perfect their process, using top quality products priced fairly, to deliver a wonderfully delicious dining experience to all of their guests who visit their establishment.

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Takes Reservations = Yes (usually not needed)
Delivery = No (not at this time but planning to offer delivery in near future)

Take-out = Yes
Accepts Credit Cards  = Yes
Parking = Yes (plenty!)
Bike Parking = Yes
Good for Kids = Yes
Good for Groups = Yes
Attire = Casual
Ambience = Casual
Noise Level = Average
Alcohol Beer & Wine = Only
Outdoor Seating = Yes
Wi-Fi = Yes
TV = Yes (but we’re not a “sports bar” type of place)
Caters = Yes


From their experiences owning and operating “Dino’s”, the popular local area restaurant chain, it’s a sure thing that their great reputation for “great food/great value” (see reviews posted below) will continue on here at Alpha Omega Grill & Pizzeria.  A quick check online shows that the reviews getting posted on Google and Yelp for Alpha Omega Grill are AWESOME!

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DATE: March 12, 2018
AVERAGE RATING: 4.7 Stars out of 5

So glad I came here the other day with a friend.  Food is fresh, hot; great atmosphere and friendly staff. Took the wife here a few days later for pizza, the Mediterranean. Absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend. Enjoy. ~ Skipper P.

I can’t tell you how many people were disappointed when Dino’s, which used to be located in Harrisburg, closed. Thank goodness they are located just a few minutes away. Fantastic food with heaping servings at an affordable price. Once you eat here you will be hooked. Not to mention the excellent service. A real family atmosphere! ~ Paul O.

LOVE this place! The food is amazing. Such a friendly family environment! ~ Holly T-S.

Went to this place with friends to try it out because it was near my house and we had a good 12-inch meat lovers pizza and wings ~ Kevin S.

Excellent pizza! Great, friendly service! Definitely a favorite now! ~ Christine S.

Excellent service and food! Best pizza and Greek salad in town! ~ Pilar S.

Best NY style pizza I’ve had since moving to Charlotte 6 yrs ago. ~ Aisha S.

Excellent service and food. Best Italian food on this side of town. ~ Josh P.

The best pizza in the tri-county area, hands down! ~ Landon W.

Amazing homemade chips and Reuben was on point. Def going back. ~ Raynel V.

Very good food and service ~ David V.

My family loved eating at Dino’s in Harrisburg and Kannapolis (Concord?) and were bummed when they closed. We were excited to discover when Alpha Omega Grill & Pizzeria opened (within walking distance from our house near the PNC Music Pavilion), that the owners were the same for both restaurants! PRICES are great (most meals $8-12) and the serving sizes are HUGE (I made sure my hand was in the pic posted with my review so you could see how big their calzone is but it’s even larger than it looks here). Highly recommended for biz lunch or evening dinner out with friends or family! ~ Brian C.

DATE: March 12, 2018
AVERAGE RATING: 4.5 Stars out of 5

I wanted to be the first to welcome back such a wonderful family with amazing food that is only topped by their hospitality. It was like being back at Dino’s in Harrisburg. First night open at the new spot and a pretty good crowd excited for the new look but same great food. You will not make it through the door without being greeted by someone. To be opening night, the service staff kept things rolling and were very helpful and attentive. I ordered my usual which is eggplant parmesan but penne instead of spaghetti and meat sauce. Its a little odd but that speaks to the level of detail and personalization they give to every customer. The rest of the table had pizzas and they came out hot and cooked to perfection. Be sure to ask the server about desserts as they are cool, fresh, and big enough for more than one person. Make sure to stop by and join the family for a great meal! ~ Ben P.

Oh my gosh! This place was needed in the area! It is so yummy! I’ve already been twice. The first time I had the calzone and my hubby had the gyro. The second time he had the lasagna and I had pesto pasta with chicken. We got the cheese stick appetizer. There are so many choices on the menu I’m just going to have to keep coming to try things! It also has a family feel. The owner’s wife walks around and speaks to everyone in the restaurant. ~ Margaret E.

I had the gyro plate, I really loved the salad and the meat and pita bread. Next time I’m in town I’m trying the pizza. I’m hoping the add dolmades. Those would complete this lol, and some Greek potatoes. Really enjoyed. ~ Mary F.

FOOD: I had the create your own Stromboli (see photo) and It was REALLY GOOD and pretty BIG. I also had the baklava which was also REALLY GOOD (see photo).  INSIDE: they have 3 Big TV about a 55 or 65 inch playing sports channel on. It’s clean inside. With plenty of seats and table. They have an outdoor seating area, I did not see any chairs and tables outside but I’m sure they will have them outside soon.  EMPLOYEES: they have a lot of teens working, that’s good because they are giving teens job opportunities. I overheard one manager tell one the waiter “it’s ok to make mistake because that’s how you learn and as long as you learn from it”, I thought that was nice to teach them.  TIP TO MANAGEMENT: I suggest adding a sign hanging up to let people know where to go – like a “pay here/to-go orders”. I walked in and told them I wanted to place a to-go order. So I looked at the menu. When I was done looking at the menu I got up where the hostess would stand. Finally after standing there for about 1 minute or so I was informed where to order. ~ Danielle

This place was awesome! Tons of seating and great atmosphere. The restaurant was decorated nice and service was great! Missed these guys when they were Dinos and I am happy to see their success continue to serve their locals their amazing dishes. I missed my Dinos, so when they opened I knew what I was going to get and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! Welcome back guys! Your #1 fan! ~ Christina P.

ARCHIVED REVIEWS about Dino’s Restaurants…

Reviewed November 6, 2015
I love quaint neighborhood-like places like this!
Dino’s didn’t disappoint. Visited on a rainy Wednesday night after picking my daughter up from school. Breadsticks were amazing & the pizza was gooey-good! The owner even stopped by our table to chat with us, which made us feel welcome & comfortable enough to return. So happy I stopped in; I’ll make this a weekly stop on my way home from work from now on!

Reviewed July 28, 2015
They have the best pizza in Harrisburg and Concord hands down the best
and the price is good 2 people can eat for less than $20.00

Reviewed March 25, 2015
Excellent Food & Casual Family Restaurant
Second year we have visited the Charlotte area and we remembered this restaurant and made a point to return. We were not disappointed at all! Great pizza, salads and humus and pita. Casual and friendly family environment. Friendly waitress and prompt service!

Reviewed January 28, 2015
Best Italian food around period
love going there for a few years now – the food is always good and well prepared – service is fast and nice ! The owner Elizabeth treats the guests like family !

Reviewed November 19, 2014
Great Italian food
Dino’s is a regular stop for my family. The Stromboli is simply amazing as well as their Caesar salad. My only complaint is the bread on comes with certain dishes; I wish it was brought to the table regardless of the food item you order.

Reviewed November 6, 2014
Great place for Greek or Italian
Their selection is nice – my favorite is Greek Island Shrimp. Their other dishes are great, and they are friendly, clean and good service too.

Reviewed November 2, 2014
Not Much Ambiance but Great Food & Prices.
This is not where you’d go on a romantic date but if you want good pizza or pasta and don’t mind some tables of kids there after baseball and soccer games than you’ll like Dino’s. There is a combination of italian and greek items on the menu. I particularly enjoy their pizza, strombolis, lasagna, gyro & souvlaki platters. Their bruschetta is really yummy too. Prices are really good and portions are huge. If ordering a stromboli or calzone seriously consider sharing. A great local restaurant.

Reviewed August 26, 2014
Good, with a Capital G!
Very pleased with the food and the service. Everyone in our group of ten enjoyed their meal. Food was hot and delicious. Tasty tea! Can recommend the baked spaghetti, the lasagna, and the Alfredo. Tasty salads and desserts, too!

Reviewed July 21, 2013
Terrific Italian and Subs!
Pizza is terrific! Calzones are outstanding! Lasagna is out of this world! Such a nice bunch of people and the service is excellent. I haven’t had anything bad here, although I’m not a fan of their pasta salad that comes with their sandwiches. The fries are better. If you’re travelling through Harrisburg and you see the Lowe’s food and you’re hungry, pull in the shopping center and go to Dino’s!

Reviewed May 18, 2013
Great Greek and Italian Food
The pizza at Dino’s is some of the best I have had in the US. Of course no one can compete with Italy, but can’t fly over there when you want pizza. I especially love their Greek selections. A lot of food for your money.

Reviewed February 8, 2013
Great place
This is one of the best Italian food places we have been in a long time. The service and the food are always great. Homemade food that is plentiful.

Reviewed November 22, 2012
Very good Greek & Italian food
We had lived in Harrisburg for several years before discovering Dino’s. We wished we had started eating there long ago! Everything we have eaten there has been high quality and great-tasting. My wife’s favorite is the spinach and feta calzone. I like their pizza, subs, and pasta dishes. The restaurant is small, with a casual atmosphere. I highly recommend it when you are in the area. (There is another Dino’s location in the Afton Ridge shopping center in Concord.)

Reviewed November 14, 2012
Simple food at good prices — a good experience
Went here with my wife, a teenager and another couple. It’s a small place, not fancy at all, but “homey” atmosphere. Staff was friendly and helpful. We had open-face meatball/sausage sandwiches, salads, fries and calzones — one of these entrees & fries were generally about $8. One of us had chicken parmesan for about $12. All tasted fresh and filled us up to satisfaction plus! The one of us having the parmesan is generally picky, and measures all Italian restaurants by the parmesan — he said it was above average and would expect it to be about $17 at most other Italian restaurants. We look forward to going again.

5.0 star rating
Great visit yesterday to one of my favorite places in Harrisburg for Sunday lunch after church! We had a calzone, a meat lover’s pizza and a chicken souvlaki at our table yesterday and everything was VERY good. I had the chicken souvlaki and the tzatziki sauce was dead on this time…YUMMO!Waitress was great and our glasses were never empty or any need unattended! We also placed a to go order for some friends who were coming back into town and the waitress had it timed perfectly to be hot when we were ready to check out! Great food, Great Service, Great Overall Experience! You should really check it out 🙂

5.0 star rating
We love Dino’s!! They have a very large menu and so far everything we have tried has been great. Pizza is always a favorite but the Stromboli’s are AMAZING!! They are full of toppings and lots of cheese. My husband has also tried one of the big sandwiches and he enjoyed that. The mozzarella sticks and breadsticks are also great. Dino’s is a great family favorite. We still have so many menu items to try. Servers can be hit or miss but they do a good job… For the most part.

4.0 star rating
Once again, Dino’s didn’t disappoint me! I have never eaten anything there that I didn’t like, and last night was no exception. The service wasn’t spectacular this time, but I am attributing that to a new waitress and is not typical for my experiences with this restaurant. Take out is always as good as dine in and the desserts are great too (I recommend the chocolate cake though) The menu is quite varied and they have great children’s options too. The owners are a sweet family and always fun to chat with. Great for families and groups and even a first date!

4.0 star rating
Dinos… were a surprise! Upon recommendation from my boyfriend, I tried the Harrisburg location. He rather enjoyed the Calzone from the Afton Village digs. The pita bread and hummus were better than I expected. I was mostly surprised with how good the pita bread was. It was warm, light and fluffy unlike most other restaurants. It definitely overshadowed the somewhat plain hummus, which wasn’t bad but it was just ok. I ordered the Gyro for lunch and my dad ordered a Grilled chicken salad. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of salt added to the meat in my Gyro. Usually, it’s way to salty to stomach at most other “Greek” places but this was just right. Unfortunately, it was way overloaded with Tzatziki sauce so if you order this, ask for them to go easy on it. The grilled chicken salad was this size of a Medium pizza. It looked pretty alright and I didn’t hear any complaints so I guess I’d recommend it. Service was good. Waitress was very cheerful and attentive. I will definitely be back for the hummus/pita bread at least

5.0 star rating
This is one of our favorite places to eat in Harrisburg. Love the food. Great menu, great staff. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

YELP = 4 Star Average
TRIPADVISER  = 4 Star Average
FACEBOOK = 4.1 Star Average